The Director of Communications and Public Relations of the county of Mombasa Richard Chacha has awarded her daughter with a car after scoring a mean grade of B plain in this year Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.Harriet Chacha, who did her secondary school exams at Mary Hill secondary school in Thika, is now the proud owner of a Mercedes E 200.Mr Chacha once worked at NTV as a reporter.

It was a promise made by him to his daughter a few months back to motivate her in performing her best during the KCSE Examinations.

“Today I am very happy, it was a promise I gave to my daughter Harriet just to boost her morals and I am glad she was able to meet the promise, and today the car is hers,” says Mr Chacha.

Ms Harriet has aspirations of studying medicine and becoming a doctor, however the decision is still not yet final.

Although she is the first born in a family of four children she is not the only member of the family to have received a gift for academic excellence.

The second born who was a KCPE candidate was given a goat for attaining 417 marks in this year’s KCPE exams.