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End the Year Strong

Fasting : 1 st December  to  December  21st  2017   6Am to 6 Pm   Just Water!

Day 1: Pray Mt 12:25-29. Bind the strongman that has robbed, plundered and taken your spoil. Jesus said this was the first step. Many times we try to enter into a new dimension of supply without operation in Jesus’ “first” commands.

Day 2: Pray Eph. 1:17-20. Ask God to give you revelation over how the enemy has stolen from you. Wisdom and revelation dismantle demons.

Day 3: Pray Eph. 6. Ask God to give you the grace to stand against the enemy’s plan that has robbed from you.

Day 4: Pray Is. 42:21,22. Cry RESTORE! Ask the Lord to bring His restorative plan into your life over wealth. Even declare that how the enemy has stolen through your generational bloodline will be restored to you.

Day 5: Pray Mal. 3:8-10. Declare that the generational curse of “GOD ROBBING” will be broken out of your bloodline. This is one of the four major generational curses.

Day 6: Pray 2 Cor. 10:3-6. Tear down mindsets of poverty. Poverty has a voice which says, “God is not able.” There are philosophies in your life that have developed wrong mindsets over wealth. Dismantle unbelief over provision.

Day 7: Pray Prov. 13:18. Ask God to remove rebellious spirits of the past that have caused you not to heed instruction and discipline.

Day 8: Pray Prov. 14:23. Bind a spirit of fantasy that is linked with divination. Ask God to bring you into a reality of the vision He has for your life so you have the proper supply for the right vision.

Day 9: Pray Prov. 20:13. Bind a spirit of laziness and excess sleep that keeps you from spending time with the Lord and missing your window your opportunity for provision.

Day 10: Pray Ps. 115:14-16. Read 2 Chron. 20. Ask God for increase. Ask Him to give you a mind for increase. Ask Him to open your heart to any prophetic word that will bring you success and cause you to be able to rake in the spoils that the enemy is holding.

Day 11: Pray 2 Cor. 10. Ask God for an increase in the sphere of authority you are aligned with.

Day 12: Pray Neh. 8:10. Ask God for an increase in joy which produces strength. Strength enables you to gain wealth.

Day 13: Pray Prov. 10:22. Bless God and honor Him that He gives wealth as a blessing. Wealth is a blessing from God.

Day 14: Pray Deut. 7:12,13; Prov. 3:9,10. Declare that you will obey Him in any request. Sometimes these requests are very simple.

Day 15: Pray Prov. 8:18,21. Wealth is a reward for wisdom. Ask God for a new dimension of power.

Day 16: Pray Prov. 10:4, 12:24, 14:23. Wealth is a result of enterprise and useful work

Day 17: Pray Prov. 13:22; Eccles. 2:26. Wealth is taken away from the sinners and given to those who please God

Day 18: Pray Prov. 22:16. Read Dan. 6, 7. Ask the Lord to expose any oppressive spirit that is stopping a release of your next level of wealth. Wealth is imperfectly distributed in this world, and it is sometimes gained through oppression and injustice. Many times there is a network or confederation of leaders set against wealth.

Day 19: Pray Amos 2:6, 4:1, 8:4-6. Pray that the wealth held by oppressive leaders will be released for God’s Kingdom.

Day 20: Pray Prov. 23:4; Eccles. 4:8. Pray for clear vision. Provision is linked with vision. Wealth is not an end in itself.

Day 21: Pray Eccles. 5:10,13; Mt. 6:24; Luke 16:13. Ask God to reveal the snares of wealth to you. Wealth is a potentially dangerous snare.

Day 22: Pray 1 Sam. 2:7; Ps. 69:33; Rev. 2:9. Acknowledge God’s sovereignty, and declare his favor on you for wealth

Day 23: Pray Prov. 14:21; Eph. 4:28; Jas. 2:15,16; 1 John 3:17. Wealth is to be shared with the needy. Ask the Lord to define your responsibility to those who are less fortunate than you.

Day 24: Pray Luke 12:33, 18:22. Wealth is sometimes to be given away completely. Be willing to give in abundance. God cannot fill our hands if we are tight fisted.

Day 25: Pray Ps. 82:4. Declare deliverance from the hand of the wicked who has tied up any of your wealth


Day 26: Read Ps. 22, 103, 145; Luke 1:33, 10:9, 11:2, 11:17, 12:32, 18:16, 22:30. Ask God for a Kingdom mentality.

Day 27: Pray 2 Cor. 8:2. Declare that out of your poverty that you will abound in the riches of liberality. Declare that any trial of affliction will bring you into a greater abundance.

Day 28: Pray Mt. 4:8-11. Do not fall to the devil’s trap to operate in haste over wealth. One of his biggest snares is to offer you promises that God has planned for you out of God’s timing. Meditate on verse 11. Always remember that Satan watches for an opportune time to trap you.

Day 29: Read and pray the book of Haggai. Declare all discouragement, disinterest, disillusionment and deferred hope to break from you. Be willing to build again.

Day 30: Pray Zech. 8:12,13. From obedience God will strengthen your hands and cause everything our hands will touch to increase.

Day 31: Declare Malachi 3:10,11. “Prove Me NOW,” says the Lord! Look up and see the windows of blessings that He wants to open up. Watch Him overcome your devourer.

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