St.Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence Celebrates 8 years Church Anniversary

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St.Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence Celebrates 8 years Church Anniversary

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St.Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence; Celebrates  8 years  Church Anniversary,May 3rd 2015

By Sam Mwaura/Samrack Media

Kenyan’s from all walks of life in New England gathered at 112 Andover Street, Lawrence.Massachusetts on May 3rd 2015 , to celebrate St Paul’s Community Church, 8 years Anniversary.During the 8 years Anniversary service congregants  and friends of the St Paul’s Church were updated on the Church Bulding  progress  in detail and thereafter all St Paul’s Church Lawrence, members were issued with Church Membership Certificates for 2015.


Rev.Ven.Peter Gachathi Vicar prays for the Sunday School Children of St Paul’s Community Church during the 8 years Anniversary Service.  Pic Sam Mwaura/Samrack Media

Saint Paul’s Kenyan Community Church,Lawrence was established in 1995, was the first Kenyan Church in New England. Rev.Ven.Peter Gachathi Vicar Incharge and incumbent (Kenyan American Pastors Fellowship President )was the founder in collaboration with 7 other members.


It was housed in Malden under space rental arrangements until 2007 when the congregation bought a former Polish Catholic Church located at 112 Andover Street in Lawrence. The price tag was $485,000.00 A deposit of $186,000 was put down and therefore financing the remaining $299,000.00 Dedicated members of the Church were able to defray the debt to $97,500 in less than seven years. Between January and October 26, 2014 the Church’s congregation and invited guests were able to raise $65,000.00 and thus reduce the mortgage to a mere $32,500.00 as at 2014,


Financial Contrubutions have been ongoing and a detailed report will be issued out,with the accurate balance remaining.Praise be to God.


St.Paul’s Community Church, 112 Andover Street,Lawrence Massachusetts  Pic Sam Mwaura/Samrack Media

The Church’s projection is that the remaining balance will be paid off by the end of summer 2015.The parishioners will forever be grateful to members of the Church, friends and well wishers for their continued support of the organization through the years.


St Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence Massachusetts  8th Church Anniversary

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Report By Mr Gikuyu Kibai 

I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord!

On behalf of our Vicar/ Rector, the Venerable Peter Ndiho Gachathi, the elders and the entire congregation of St. Paul’s Community Church, Lawrence, I  thank you all for honoring this occasion with your presence today.

May the gracious favor of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

I am immensely honored to present to you the Church Report of the year 2014- 2015


VISION:     To grow in Jesus.

MISSION:  To follow the footsteps of Jesus.

 GOAL:      To bring people to salvation in Christ, and to positively and permanently change lives for the good of the community. 


We have Three Services:

  • The Brigade service starts at 10am-11am
  • Gikuyu Service and the Youth /English Service both start at 11am. The Youth service meets across in the hall.


We have two ordained ministers: Venerable Peter Gachathi, who is the Rector of the Church. The Reverend Gerald Wahome.

We have lay leader Mrs. Margaret Kinuthia.



By the Grace of God our Church membership has been steady.

Thank you for choosing St. Paul’s, Lawrence to be your home Church.

We are always delighted to welcome new members into our Church family.

We bless God for enabling Mr. Harrison Mungai to confess Christ as his Lord and savior. The Bible says in Acts 4:12 “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Praise the Lord! 

Lay Pastor Johnson Irungu, who was also a gifted and dedicated Sunday school teacher, left our Congregation to plant a Church mission in North Reading. We wish him well as he serves the Lord at the Church of All Nations.North Reading,Massachusetts.

We thank God, who has brought to us Alice Mungai, who has the passion for Sunday school ministry. Let us appreciate the doings of our Lord.


4.  Church Fellowships 

We have two fellowships:

  • The Wednesday fellowship meets every Wednesday here in the Church from 11am.
  • The Friday fellowship meets here every Friday from 7p.m.

5. Music Instruments lessons 

Currently the Church is sponsoring  5 brigade students, who are learning the Piano, Guitar, and Drums.

We thank the instructor, Mr. Samuel Nkayamba for his dedicated work.

By the way, he is inviting us to his Pre-wedding party on July 5th 2015 at International Gospel Church in Chelsea.   SEE FLIER DETAILS BELOW


6. The Church Choir

Our Church continues to participate in the New England Music Festivals.

Last year our Youth was number 3 out of six in their presentation.



Kudos to the St Paul’Community Church Lawrence, Youth for their great efforts. 

We thank God for our Youth and our Children. In Matthew 21:16 the bible says: “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise.”

Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. In Kiswahili, “Mlee mtoto katika njia impasavyo, Naye hataiacha, hata atakapokuwa mzee”. In Gikuyu, “Menyeria mwana njira iria aagiriiruo ni guthiiira, na nde hingo akoima yo o na aakura.”

We thank the adults too for their participation. We know we can do better, to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please let’s give a round of applause to all who participated in the festivals, including the fans.

This year’s New England Music Festivals will be held on Sunday, June 28th in Lynn, St Stephens Church Lynn,Massachusetts. 

7. Church Groups:


We are blessed with various Church groups: The Sunday school, The Brigade, The Youth, The Young Mothers- and Father’s by association, The Mother’s Union, and NECMA (the Men’s group). 

We thank God for all the Church groups and the roles they play in the Lord’s service, and also in building and empowering one another. The Scripture says in 1st Thessalonians 5:11 “…encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing”.

8.  October 26th Fundraising 

The Development Committee, under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Karanja Kimani and town and city leaders, organized a major fundraising on Sunday, October 26, 2014, in which more than $60,000.00 was raisedAs our Treasurer will tell us, the state of our mortgage is strong and near the finish line, thanks to your generous contributions.

We intend to build a facility for Sunday school and the brigade (the brigade being the children who are between Sunday school and the Youth), as part of our post-mortgage projects.


9. Summer recreation.

Last year in May and June we had recreational activities in the form of Soccer, Volleyball, Darts, etcetera on our Church ground.

We recognize that recreation is an essential element of human biology and psychology.

Fun and entertainment are gifts of God, given so that we might come closer to Him. So we should remember this as we plan our recreation this year, and therefore be careful to give thanks to God, from whom all blessings flow.


In April this year our Church played host to the National Identity Card Registration exercise. We want to appreciate Mrs. Margaret Kinuthia, Virginia Muturi, and Francis Gitonga for their time and sacrifice to care for the Embassy Staff, including feeding them. Please let’s put our hands together for their service.


We recognize all those in our Church who use their gifts apportioned to them by the grace of God, to build the Church at St. Paul’s, Lawrence. We acknowledge that while some workers may be conspicuous (clearly visible, noticeable) many others are inconspicuous (invisible, unnoticeable).

  • The team of Pastors and the Lay leader 
  • Sunday school, Brigade and Youth leadership
  • Praise and Worship team
  • Church Media and Daily Sunday Programmer 
  • The Choir
  • The Church Wardens
  • Church property maintenance crew
  • Tea, Mandazi  Refreshments caretaker 
  • Scripture readers 
  • Fellowship leaders 
  • Church group leaders 
  • Music instruments lessons coordinators 
  • Treasury
  • Secretariat 
  • And indeed any and all other individuals who sacrifice their precious time to build the body of Christ at St. Paul’s Community Church, Lawrence.  

             12. CHALLENGES

As we may all know, the Church is always in need of more helping hands.

The areas that need hands include, but is not limited to:

  • Music instruments players- Guitar, Key Board, Drums
  • Bible Study fellowship
  • Intercessory Prayer Groups
  • Outreach Mission Workers


Remember, in the words of Jesus in Luke 10:2The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” 

We are in the Kingdom of God at such a time as this to make a mark.  Esther 4:14 “…Who knows but that you were brought to the Kingdom for a time like this? International Standard Version

Thank you for coming. God bless you. Amen


Kibai M Gikuyu,

St Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence  Secretary 






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St.Paul’s Community Church,Lawrence; Celebrates  8 years  Church Anniversary,May 3rd 2015 By Sam Mwaura/Samrack Media Kenyan’s from all walks of life in New England gathered at 112 Andover Street, Lawrence.Massachusetts on May 3rd 2015 , to celebrate St Paul’s Community Church, 8 years Anniversary.During the 8 years Anniversary service congregants  and friends of the St Paul’s


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