Man of God Ministries International,UK


Apostle Joseph Njuguna & Prophetess Sophie Njuguna 


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2 Responses to Man of God Ministries International,UK

  1. Emmanuel says:

    My name is Emmanuel Nethala, from Andhra Pradesh, India. I am a running an orphanage named Grace Children’s Orphanage. It is a non-profit charitable organization. We currently care for 75 orphaned and abandoned children at our orphanage. There are 2 orphanages now. Please pray to see if God can use you to help for the orphans, widows and lepers people in India. Please visit our orphanage website at:

  2. isaac mosoti says:

    Dear Brothers and
    Sisters in Lord
    Greetings in His Holy
    mighity name,
    Recently I came across
    your church’s
    website,and i am very
    interested and
    motivated to know
    more about your church
    doctorine and
    programes.indeed i was
    very much happy to
    have an opportunity
    to read your church
    statement of
    faith,vision and beliefs.
    I dont know everything
    about your church
    organization but i think
    has most important
    belief,vision and a key
    of obtaning spiritual
    physical purity.
    Let me tell you about
    our group
    fellowship,was started
    3 years ago
    with a vision of laying a
    good christian
    foundation to
    all,assting the
    orphans the aged
    widows/widower ant-
    Our group does not
    have any doctorinal
    statement of faith or
    beliefs therefor
    bretherens we are
    requesting you to
    consider our
    fellowship to use your
    church beliefs as
    guidlines so together
    build the spiritual
    kingdom of God here in
    We will appreciate if
    you can send a
    missonary to come and
    visit our
    group fellowship here
    and help lefting the lost
    souls that requre
    spiritual salvastion.
    We are also eager to
    know if you can
    estailish Bible training
    centers/schools.If yes
    we will appriciate since
    many people are eager
    to study the bibke and
    learn principals of the
    Gospel of Jesus
    Christ.will also be happy
    if you send as your
    teachings and
    in audio
    books and bibles.i hope
    to hear from
    you soon.
    Yours in Christ
    Pastor Isaac Mosoti

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