The leaked menu of St Andrew’s School, Turi was shared online and users couldn’t help making comparisons to what their schools offered.

The menu features waffles, chipolatas and grilled tomato for breakfast on different days.

For lunch and supper, students have the option of lasagna, meat balls, chicken drumsticks and turkey tagine with pita break among other mouth watering dishes.


Kenyans online joked how going through the menu felt like checking out a five-star hotel’s menu just to ‘kula kwa macho.’

St Andrew’s School, located in Molo, has in the past attracted attention due to its high fees and attendance by diplomats’ children.

The current fee structure on the school’s website ranges from (Year 1-8) Sh304, 000 to Sh730, 000 and for senior school (Year 9-11) ranges Sh504, 000 to Sh840, 000 per term.

This depends on the year of study and whether the student is a day scholar, weekly or full boarder.

Kenyans on Twitter literally dissected the school’s menu while hilariously comparing it to their schools